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About Us

We founded our company in 2010 with the determined goal of bringing a new, innovative, and youthful momentum to the Hungarian pálinka and liqueur market while preserving the centuries-old traditions of pálinka production.

Our distillery operates on a traditional small-batch system with a fully copper-made, wood-fired still.

From processing high-quality fruits to bottling the finished product, everything is done in an artisanal manner.

Our aim is to produce a product that preserves the unmatched taste and aroma of excellent Hungarian fruits, so that when consumed, one can happily say: "I'll have another one, please!"

The commitment to preserving the Hungarian pálinka as a national treasure is confirmed by the excellent quality of the pálinka products produced in our distillery, which we proudly recommend to all our dear consumers.

With our wide range of products, everyone can surely find their favorite, as our more than 140 varieties are present in both domestic and international markets.

Among our liqueurs, astonishingly new flavors can be discovered, including the uniquely developed OPYYUM POPPY LIQUEUR, which has earned several international recognitions in China, Canada, and the Netherlands.

OPYYUM: once you taste it, you'll be enchanted!

Our sales representatives cover every corner of the country, allowing us to respond to new market challenges and demands in the shortest possible time.

Thank you for your interest and support!
The MP Team

Our payment service provider is Barion.
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